What is a Thought?

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Really … What IS a “Thought?” 

What  IS a thought? What causes that initial spark that leads to that amazing cascade of mind power energy surging through our brains?

Philosophers have sought an answer to “what is a thought”  for centuries. Some modern thinkers, like the great psychoanalyst Carl Jung and the brilliant Itzhak Bentov, feel that since thoughts create measurable energy, and energy can be neither created nor destroyed, the universal cosmos must contain the energy of every thought that has ever occurred.

This could explain how people like Bentov, Edgar Cayce, and even Leonardo da Vinci were able to see clearly see into alternate realities most of us seem unable to tap into.

OK then, so what IS a thought?

On the level of your brain, a thought is basically energy that causes an electro-chemical response in your brain. The net result is that your brain’s neurons then “fire” in a certain pattern. That produces tiny currents of electrical energy that pass along definite pathways in your cortex (your thinking cap). These currents can be traced as “brain waves” by attaching electrodes to your skull and attaching the electrodes to an EEG.

So … your thought cascaded through your brain and produced an actual 70 millivolt potential somewhere in your cortex. Your brain actually produces between 5 and 10 volts of brain wave energy – enough to light up the inside of a refrigerator.

The electrical current produced by your thought is then broadcast in the form of electromagnetic brain waves at the velocity of light out to each of your cells — and also straight out into the cosmos of which we are each directly connected traveling at the speed of light. So what does THAT say about your mental limits?

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A thought power post by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

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