How to Wake Up Your Brain – Fast!

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A Super Fast Brain Wake Up!

There are times when just a cup of coffee is just really not enough. You are starting to “slug out” and get a little fuzzy — and really need a fast way to wake up our brain. Here are some great quickie methods to wake up your brain really fast. Try them — they work really well.

A “Short Walk” Brain Wake Up

A short brisk walk can wake up your brain cells. Walking is especially good because it increases blood circulation and thus more oxygen and glucose reach your brain. And since walking isn’t too strenuous, your muscles will not use up the extra oxygen and glucose you want to go to your brain.

Walking may seem to “clear your head” and help you to think better because is oxygenates your brain. Also the increased ore blood flow to the brain enhances your brain’s energy production and waste removal. And several studies has shown that in response to exercise, cerebral blood vessels grow (even in middle-age) in response to exercise.

A “Toe Wiggle” Brain Wake Up

Did you know that wiggling your toes will immediately activate a set of nerves that will wake up your brain and stimulate your internal organs? Try this brain-building exercise in the morning before you get out of bed: Slowly begin to move your toes any way that feels good to you. Try moving them all and once, and then in smaller groups.

You can also do this exercise after sitting for an extended period of time. You will be surprised at how it helps you wake up your brain and feel more alert and energized. And this is a great thing to do when you’re sitting in a meeting and find yourself going “brain dead.” Wake up your brain, and that meeting could even get interesting!

A “Do it Now” Brain Wake Up

Here’s a “do it now” exercise that will immediately wake up your brain and develop your mind power by creating new physical neural connections: Switch the hand you’re using to control your computer mouse and begin to use the hand you normally avoid. If you immediately feel uncomfortable and awkward, that’s a good thing. You just managed to wake up your brain and make it learn a new skill.

A “Big Yawn” Brain Wake Up

Yawning is something we do not because we are tired — but because our brain is demanding more oxygen. So have a good yawn to wake up your brain – fast!

A More Permanent Brain Wake Up

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This brain wake up posted by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler

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