Can You DOUBLE Your Brain Power?

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Rapidly Double Your Brain Power

You have far more all-natural brain power than you can imagine. Think you have an average mental capacity? Wrong! You have perhaps even beyond *genius* brain power potential!

The past 20 years are being called “the decades of the brain.” Neuroscience can now observe a healthy living brain in action. Still — defining our ultimate mental capacity is like trying to hold your finger on a glob of mercury.

Your Limitless Brain Power

The human brain seems virtually limitless. Your brain contains over 1,000,000,000,000 nerve cells called “neurons.” And each of these nerve cells can interact with up to 100,000 other neurons.

You’ve likely heard the expression “thinking cap.” That term refers to the source of our thinking capacity – our cortex. The cortex has two separate sides connected by a dense and complex highway of nerve fibers called the “corpus callosum.”

In most people the left side of the cortex deals with logical matters — words, numbers and analysis. It therefore focuses in the “beta” brain wave range. The right side of the cortex deals with images, colors, imagination, day-dreams, visualization and pattern recognition. It often focuses in the “alpha” brain wave range that is so highly developed in those who meditate.

Is Your Brain Power Right or Left?

There is a common misconception that we are either right- OR left-brained. Not true! If were true then we Albert Einstein would have been left-brained — and the great photographer Ansel Adams would have been right-brained.

But an examination of the personal notes kept by Einstein and Adams destroys this theory. Actually Einstein credited his greatest scientific insights not to his left-brain logic, but right-brain daydreaming. And Adams credited his photographic skill not to a right-brain artistic “eye” — but r to left-brain detailed analysis and notes.

Our most powerful mental activities actually focus simultaneously in both sides of the cortex. If you consider yourself primarily creative (right-brained), or logical (left-brained), you’re just emphasizing the side that you have developed the most. With the right training and attention, the other side of your cortex can also flourish and develop.

This can actually double your brain power.

How To DOUBLE Your Brain Power

There’s a very simple way you can immediately build the non-dominant side of your cortex. Elite athletes, Fortune 500 executives, ranking artists, and people who seek to excel in their lives all do it!

The method? If you’re analytical, encourage yourself to daydream. If you’re creative — encourage yourself to logically analyze your efforts. This may seem too simple to be effective, but try, it and you’ll be amazed at your expanded brain power.

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