Experience Your Higher Intelligence

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Do You Have a Higher Intelligence?

Experiencing higher intelligence is a mental state.  Those brilliant “ah ha” moments are no longer the mysterious realm of mystics and strange geniuses. Today’s brain-mind researchers have identified the source of that strange sensation of a light bulb suddenly flashing in your brain.

What’s happening? You have simply slipped into the realm of your HQ -– your Higher Intelligence.

WhyHigher Intelligence Is Unique

Your Higher Intelligence (HQ) is a fascinating mental state. While your IQ and EQ (emotional.  This creative and inventive mental state, does not seem to use any connections between your neurons at all.  Higher Intelligence (HQ) experiences are accompanied by a spontaneous vibration of your cortex (your thinking cap) like an electrified bowl of jello.

That flash of light you saw inside your brain probably IS very real — suddenly your entire cortex is vibrating at a single coherent frequency, just like you had shot a current of electricity through it.

Can Higher Intelligence (HQ) be Taught?

Interestingly, quite a bit of Higher Intelligence experiences seem tied to  7 Hz (cycles per second) and lower brainwave frequencies. And it also seems apparent that an open Alpha-Theta brain wave connection (the A-T bridge) connecting the conscious and subconscious minds is essential.

This could explain why your “ah ha” experience seems so fresh and remarkable -– you have integrated two portions of yourself that seldom meet face-to-face — your conscious and subconscious minds!

Want More Higher Intelligence Experiences?

The secret of increasing your ability to experience Hìgher Intelligence experiences is to strengthen this conscious-subconscious bridge through A-T (alpha-theta) brain wave training. The results are amazing!  Get the alpha-theta brain wave connection!

This higher intellligence insight was posted by Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler.

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