Brain Training for More Success

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Success Brain Training  

Every conscious action you take starts  in your  brain as a thought!  So… what is a thought? It’s not just a nebulous “cloud of energy” floating through your skull. Each thought you have creates a very real, precisely timed electrical signal that passes through your brain.

What is Brain Training Based On?

So … what IS success brain training, how does it work, why does your IQ increase, and what are the other benefits?

Success brain training is a unique approach to increasing your  success. Instead of focusing on teaching “about” success, it looks directly at what’s happening in your brain itself! It therefore goes beyond theory … and straight  into the realm of pratical applications.

How Do Thoughts Work?

Tha past 30 years have provided amazing advances in understanding  how our brains work.  But in terms of the “pratical application” of this knowledge — the 1970s studies of how the brain waves of meditators are different especially stands out.

Each thought creates a wave of electrical energy as it turns on a  series of connected  brain cells (neurons). These electrical waves are called “brain waves,” and are directly measurable on an EEG. According to the thought, your brain then responds by releasing certain biochemicals. According to the nature of the thought, these biochemicals can then cause you to run, go to sleep, get an amazing insight, or give up on something you are trying to do!

This is an actual screen shot of an EEG of a brain “on fire” as a reult of a thought that caused extreme stress. The reslting brain waves are focused in the high Beta and Gamma brain wave frequencies.

As a result the brain released the stress hormones that cause your heart to race and your palms to sweat.  This person’s brain felt they were under a threat. So… it also focused their thoughts in the lowest part of the brain (brain stem)  dedicated to survival. And at the same time it closed down their higher thinking centers (the cortex).

This is obviously NOT the response — NOR the portion of the brain — that is best suited for creating a successful life or business!

What Does Brain Training Do?

Professional brain training teaches you how to create success-focused mental states. It does this by training you to create certain brain wave configurations in your own brain. So … rather than viewing a challenge as a source of brain-numbing stress — you can view it as a positive and exciting challenge.

The difference is huge. Stress closes down your higher thinking centers — while a viewpoint of “positive challenge” turns your higher thinking centers ON and increases your IQ. Which do YOU think will best lead to success?  

What is Millionaire Brain Training?

Years ago, Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler discovered an amazing thing in the high-level successful executives who came to her clinic — many of them displayed an identical brain wave combination.

Dr. Ammon-Wexler named this unique brain wave configuration the “millionaire mind,” since so many of the executives were self-made millionaires. She now teaches success-seekers how to create this unique brain wave combination in their own brains in  “The Quantum Mind” training course.  Build a Millionaire Mind!

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