Build a Success Mind-Set

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Create A Success Mind-Set! 

Do you have a success mind-set? One online dictionary defines mind-set as “a mental inclination, tendency, or habit.”  But really what is a mind-set?

What IS a Mind-Set?

Both success and failure start in your brain as a thought. Each thought  then sets off a cascade of electro-chemical energy in your physical brain. Your related mind-set then determines how you will evaluate and respond to that thought.

The dictionary is right — a mind-set can be thought of as a “mental tendency or habit.” But what’s behind these tendencies or habits goes much deeper.  A mind-set is really only the superficial level. Go deeper, and you will discover the actual source lies in your physical brain.

What Is Behind a Limiting Mind-Set?

Your mind-sets will either carry your forward or limit you. But whether positive or negative, mind-sets are the product of  “mental gates” that have very real physical reality in your brain. These “gates” take advantage of a natural tendency of your brain to favor the familiar — often called “habits.”

Our brains naturally turn to established neural pathways to direct your actions. If you have always driven a certain way to work, your brain will lay that out in your brain as a very stable neural network. Then when you get into your car to go to work, you don’t even need to think about where you are going. Your actions are automatic.

The same thing happens when you think a thought of “starting a new business.” Your brain will immediately look for the most stable pre-existing “start a new business” neural network, and will direct your thoughts and actions along that path. It then connects with  physical “set points” that create your “start a new business” a mind-set.

What Are Set-Points?

Set-points are something like gates that place limits on your thoughts and actions. If you had a painful failure when you once tried to “start a business,” you will likely have a physical set-point that will try to  save you from future failire and pain. These set-points are embedded in emotionally-charged neural networks that create your mind-sets, and are  at the core of what you feel are your “personal limitations.”

Improve Your Success Potential

To build a TRUE success mind-set, you need to dive in and remodel the set-points build into your physical brain. You could spend years in courseling to do this, but there is a much faster and far more enjoyable way==>>
Supercharge Your Success Potential! 

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