Stress KILLS Brain Cells!

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Does Stress Kill Brain Cells?

If you are a success-seeker, you really DO need to know more about stress and how it impacts your brain. Does stress  kill brain cells? The scientific evidence is yes!
Although many high-power business people and success-seekers say they LIKE the  sensation of high-stress thinking, it is actually both non-productive and unfocused.

What Does Stress Do in The Brain?

You can read elsewhere in this site about brain waves and what they are. So let’s will focus  on exactly what occurs in your brain when you are stressed. Stress is a mental and physiological state that occurs when you interpret something as a threat to your well being. This can be something as real as jumping out of the way of a speeding bus — or as non-obvious as worrying about getting to the post office before it closes.

When you interpret something as a “threat,” your brain creates a cascade of biochemicals designed to prepare you to either fight or run from the threat. Your hands and armpits start to sweat, you tend to hold your breath, your digestive system shuts down, your heart pounds, and your large muscles contract.

Several other things occur that are very important to the success-seeker: (1) Your brain is then focused in survival level areas like the brain stem, and (2) access to your brain’s higher thinking centers shuts down. Plus, if your stress is extreme and ongoing, (3)  stress actually kills your brain cells.

Prefer the “Burn” of High Stress?

Many people  today are  addicted  to the excitement of adrenalin pumping through their veins. But this IS part of the stress response, and comes with a high price! Fast multi-tasking, for example, has been tied to high stress. Studies have shown that although people “think” they are getting more done while multi-tasking, the quantity and quality of their output is actually reduced.

Enter “the Zone”

In terms of the highest and best use of the brain, a particular brain state called “the Zone” wins every time. This  mind set is widely praised by super-achievers like elite athletes, inventors, artists and writers, and top successful executives. The Zone is the exact opposite of the stress-based adrenalin mind set, and leads to much higher levels of mental focus, creativity and productivity.

The most effective way to immediately bust your stress and learn to enter the Zone is through the use of professionally-engineered brain wave training. Go check out what you can do in an online brain gym=> Enter the No-Stress Zone! 

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