Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

My early professional training was in the medical sciences and psychology. After receiving my Masters Degree I conducted Easlen-inspired intensive workshops for Silicon Valley executives and business owners.

I was one of the first to study how the brainwaves of meditators were unique, reconnected to my early interest in how the brain creates our thoughts and actions. I later completed my Doctorate in psychology, and became certified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist  and Clinical Biofeedback Practitioner.

In 2001 I joined forces with a business partner and  online with Quantum-Self.com I have since focused on providing online ebooks, courses and training programs. Although primarily created to empower business people and entrepreneurs, my most recent program — “Become All You Can Be” — has also been adopted at the college level.

I am today the author of over 20 books, a novel, hundreds of articles and research reports, and numerous training programs for business builders and owners.

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