Solution-Oriented Programs

We have many programs designed for those seeking personal or business advancement, and also for people simply interested in increasing their mind power using science-based training programs:

The Self Growth Planet

Stress kills your brain cells.A HUGE, planet-sized collection of the best tools for those seeking a richer life experience. Includes the contents of the Quantum Brain Gym, PLUS a multi-media auditorium, a huge library of original materials, the Mind Stretch collection of amazing insights, and much more. Truly an adventure! => Learn more.

The “Quantum Mind” Training

Custom Ericksonian HypnosisThe amazing “QUANTUM MIND” mind power training program is the outcome of Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler’s over 40 years of experience as a pioneer brain/mind researcher. She was the first to discover the exact brainwave configuration common to many self-made millionaires and elite athletes.

Over the years she developed and refined a training program that leads her trainees into the creation of this brainwave configuration in their own minds. This program is an expanded version of THE MILLIONAIRE MIND POWER Training Program=> More Info!

 The “Ultimate Goal Achievement System”

An unusually powerful Goal Planning and Achievement System. Clarify exactly what you want, then create a step-by-step achievable action plan to get it. More Info Here!

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